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One of my favorite photo I took during a trip to 
Ingrid Delarue Inyogacotedazur

Varanasi as know as Benares one of the famous holy place in India in the Uttar Pradesh state of North India

Ingrid Delarue Inyogacotedazur
I had the chance to explore early morning amazing sunrise and ritual in Assi Ghat where the ritual is the same in Dashashwamedh Ghat but 
 less busy, the outfit color of the Pandis are purple instead of cream gold and orange, some woman also singing beautifully some mantra.

Ingrid Delarue Inyogacotedazur
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          It is a unique place where they have ceremony using the fire as an offering to the river mother Ganga.

The sound of the bell, shell, mantra, incense, candle. All the ritual is also to get purification and blessing.
Ingrid Delarue Inyogacotedazur Ganga Aarti In Dashashwamedh Ghat is in the evening time 

Ingrid Delarue Inyogacotedazur
It will sound weird if I said I love this place but it is an extraordinary beautiful energy with the Gange, the color, the flowers, all the peoples taking a bath for purification, candles floating in the river lights                                     

Ingrid Delarue Inyogacotedazur
I supposed to stay for 3 days and I extended for more days.
With all this busy atmosphere I felt in peace with myself...walking before sunrise in the Ganga river, everything quiet and mystic, observing, be there fully, the ritual of the ceremony, the routine for the people working and living there, kids going to school or try to sell you something to make a living, Life is there.

Sadhu follows a path of spiritual discipline, renouncement of the worldly life. 
Now a day Is more common to have Sadhu yogi instead of yogi Sadhu!!!

But we do not have to be Yogi to be Sadhu.

Ingrid Delarue Inyogacotedazur
                                                                                                        One day in the middle of the street, I had one family asked me to bless their baby, they did not speak English and at first, I did not understand what they were asking for but an Indian student passing by explaining to me to put the hand on the head of the baby.
Well, I did it and they just left with smile and happiness in their faces.
But still, I have no idea why they were asking me.

An incredible moment where you feel beautiful energy and peace in the chaotic street of Varanasi.

 If you have the chance to visit this place, just have no expectation of what will come to you and the magic of Vanarasi will appear.

Ingrid Delarue Inyogacotedazur


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