How yoga came into my life

During the month of October, Ingrid Founder of InYoga shares how Yoga came into her life. Maybe you'll try yoga if you haven't already.


Students who discovered yoga would tell me after their first yoga class: wow, what did it do to me! I feel so good … I would answer them that yoga comes to them when they need it. That is what happened for me.

I started Tai Chi classes, it did me a lot of good, but despite that, I started looking for more, and discovered yoga. First with books, I started practicing by myself, and then I took courses of different types of yoga. Bikram, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and it was Hatha that finally got my attention.
Athletic and after several accidents - motorcycle, skiing, martial arts, my body had a lot of difficulty recovering; torn ligaments, meniscus, displaced pelvis and cervical spine.

                                                   INDIA THE CRADDLE OF YOGA
Every day I get up early to practice, it becomes a routine, my practice is part of my daily life, my body is strengthened in depth, it allows me to learn how to manage my knee pain, not to force but also to push myself, to connect with the postures, to relax, to be present in every posture. These can sometimes be unpleasant, and they have worked to become a real step forward, with fears and apprehension that one can create during their practice, but which are in fact the mirror of our fears of life. Releasing these anchored tensions, learning to accept things as they are, to surrender, to "let go".

I experience and observe even more freedom, well-being, serenity, energy, calmness. Yoga gives me the tools to be able to handle and see behaviors, problems and difficulties differently, see them no longer as obstacles but sometimes as learning, adjustments to be made, a wealth to move towards its path of life.

After traveling, especially in Asia, I discovered the principles and philosophy of Indian life of yoga, I further strengthened my practice, meditation.
I then decided to take a training course in order to share and teach the benefits of yoga practice, meditation. I am interested in the ayurveda science of life, which helps to restore the balance of the physical qualities and functions, inseparable from Yoga, with herbs, essential oils, plants. It offers incredible resources and benefits. While I ate 
very little meat, my diet changed, and I became vegetarian.

Why practice Yoga?                                                                                                                                                                                    
Yoga makes it possible to be here, there, now … no past, no future, just here.Yoga makes it possible to find or refind a balance; balance that we all lose perhaps at certain moments of life, thinking that it comes from external causes ….
In daily life who has not experienced the pressure of work?
Need for speed, profitability, generating stress, lack of sleep, unbalanced meals, conflicts, all this sometimes creates burn out, depression, finally posing the question:  Is this the meaning of life?Yoga Sutra by Patanjali 1.2 "Yogashchittavrittinirodhah"

« Yoga is the stopping of the automatic activity of the mind »

« Practice practice and all is coming »

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change".

Climbing and Yoga  

I discovered rock climbing a few years ago. How  did yoga help me to climb?

{We will talk about it in the next Newsletters}


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